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Disclaimer: The information was correct at time of publishing but may now be out of date.

Co-buying a home can be very beneficial if you and a maximum of 4 friends or family members can invest together in the property. However, before you decide on this purchase, you should consider several aspects:

– you can immediately invest savings you have in a property instead of paying rent for your current house or flat. By buying a share of a property you save – house prices are rising and you pay only part of the deposit

– remember to draw up a Trust Deed, which will specify the amount of deposit paid by each co-buyer or describe procedures of leaving the co-ownership arrangement

– all parties involved in the purchase are obliged to repay the loan – if one person does not pay their installment, the rest is responsible for paying the mortgage.


Remember – before making a decision, it’s always worth talking to a financial advisor who will explain the co-purchase procedure and answer all the questions you may have.