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Here’s why protection is so important.

A recent sudden illness turned out to be just appendicitis. But what if it had been worse?

“My 11 year old son was rushed to hospital last Thursday night and on Friday morning had his appendix removed. Thankfully it was only appendicitis and he was able to come home on Saturday. My 2 night tour of A&E and the children’s ward opened my eyes.

  • Firstly, and sadly, my eyes were opened to sheer number of kids on the ward, of all ages and for all sorts of reasons; some clearly long-term. It hammered home to me just how often ‘it happens’ to those who say ‘it’ll never happen to me’. And that’s just one ward, in one hospital, in one town, on one day.
  • The occasional word cuts through the general hullabaloo of a busy children’s ward. When the word ‘Oncology’ rings out it sends a shiver down your spine.
  • Then there’s the sheer logistical mess of trying to juggle being with J and still being around for the other two kids at home – because even with a child in hospital, life goes on.

And the juggling is hard work, complex, and expensive with two parents, two cars, 3 kids, one in hospital, two at school, and a dog. J wants his mum and dad with him, but the other two can’t come home to an empty house and aren’t old enough to go shopping or cook their own meals, so they need a parent with them too. Then there’s the valiant attempt to maintain ‘business as usual’ for the two at home; homework, swimming, gymnastics, the morning chaos that’s called getting ready for school. And the dog to walk!

Mrs B spent Thursday night in hospital with J trying to sleep, best she could, on a chair. So on the Friday morning I sort the usual routine out, get the brother and sister off to school, run the dog around the field quickly then shoot to the hospital. Mrs B and I sit there with J, make him as comfortable as possible and reassure him before he makes his way to theatre, clutching both our hands as he’s wheeled along busy corridors. As he recovers, we buy a couple of meal deal lunches from the hospital branch of Boots and realise just how expensive cold and old sandwiches can be.

Then soon after lunch I head home to let the mutt out, give her a walk that Mo Farah would be proud of and be back home in time for when kids 1 and 2 come home from school… and realise as I leave that we’re paying most of our money to the hospital car park.

And all the time, I’m trying to think about the work I should be doing. Oh my word! Work! How can I go there with a child in hospital and two more to juggle with? What’s going to give?

Well luckily I was only away from work on the Friday and with the blessing or curse of a smart phone was at least able to keep on top of most things. Not every parent has a job that would enable them to do that.

Gone are the days of burying your head in the sand and claiming “It won’t happen to me”. It DOES happen and it’s not always just appendicitis.

Juggling family, work, and trips to the hospital is difficult, just over a short period of time. Imagine it was more serious? How would you cope if it required a longer stay? Would your employer understand after more than a few weeks? Could you afford the extra of a long hospital stay?

And what if it’s cancer?

Our infographic shows you some stats from AIG Life’s claim stats and Macmillan’s ‘Cancer’s Hidden Price Tag’ research report.

Could you afford to lose over £500 a month? What about over £800 a month? Plus an increase in monthly expenses on top of that loss?1

The cost of cancer is calculated as the loss of income and the additional costs experienced as a result of a person’s diagnosis.

It does happen, and it’s very costly when it does!

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Protect your children and your family today!

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