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Every two years Sport Relief raises money to help those in need. We all follow the news about celebrities braving the weather and all sorts of conditions they aren’t used to – all the in name of charity. Some of us even get involved ourselves and participate in walks, runs, or other sporting activities to help.

Watching the telly as people share stories of how their communities and lives have improved from your donations is a powerful motivator! It’s no wonder the event raises millions of pounds to help not just communities around the world, but right here in the UK as well. They fund over 2,000 projects in the UK through nearly 500 grants1.

Now think about those people in need you’re helping with your donations… what if it was your own family in their place? Wouldn’t you want to do everything you possibly could to help them and ensure they have everything they need in the face of disaster or the death of a family member?

Of course you would! And you can – by having the right protection in place.

What would happen to your family if you or your partner were to die? Do you have sufficient protection to take care of them financially so they can keep their home and pay the bills? Would you want them to rely on government benefits or charity handouts just to get by?

What if it’s just a serious illness? A diagnosis can have a significant impact on your family! Having cover in place will help you deal with the financial implications of a diagnosis. Many providers now include indispensable support with their policies to help you and your family cope with a death or illness. That additional support could be a game-changer when your circumstances change dramatically.

Sport Relief and other charities show us that we have a soft spot for others in need, so make sure you donate to your own future and protect yourself, your home and your family!

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