Helping your loved ones if the worse should happen.

Wills & Estate Planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we are not authorised via PRIMIS Mortgage Network to advise on them, they will be referred to our separate legal entity to advise on them.

At JP-Finance, we’ll always be there when you need us. That’s why this year, we are providing a free will service through referral to our specialist partner JP Wills and Testaments. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

When buying a house with a mortgage it’s often advisable to look at making a will as this will help settle who is entitled to your estate if the worse should happen.

JP Wills and Testaments specialise in providing relevant and supportive advice regarding the preparation and drawing up of a legally binding will. Their advisors will help ensure families sort out any inheritance matters in a much simpler and stress-free way. 

Making a will clear and precise is extremely important, especially if you have children, a partner or other family that is financially dependent on you, or if you want to leave part of your property to someone outside your immediate family.

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